Digital Plan Lodgement

Providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients is fundamental to Land Services SA’s (LSSA) commitment to improving our customer experience.

In delivering on this commitment, since late 2018, LSSA have been engaging with stakeholders to explore opportunities to achieve efficiencies in the preparation, lodgement, and examination of cadastral survey plans. Through this collaboration, LSSA has identified significant realisable benefits with the introduction of a standardised approach to digital plan preparation and lodgement.

LSSA has successfully tested a proof of concept, and is now developing the Digital Plan Lodgement solution, comprising of three interdependent initiatives:

  1. Introducing a CAD Standard to be adopted by the Surveying Industry in the preparation of cadastral plans
  2. Transition to lodging plans via DWG files through EPL, retiring the use of TIFF files
  3. Implementing a set of pre-lodgement validation rules that align with the CAD Standard, allowing reduced rework and providing a more efficient plan preparation and examination process.

A phased implementation approach for the Digital Plan Lodgement solution is proposed, with the first release targeted for operation in 3Q 2020.

Industry Consultation

In preparing for this change, LSSA continues to work closely with Industry representatives, the Surveyor-General, and Registrar-General to ensure the smooth introduction of this change.

Two Industry Reference Groups, the Survey Industry Reference Group (SRG) and the Drafters Reference Group (DRG), have been established and meet regularly to discuss critical matters relating to the introduction of Digital Plan Lodgement.

Please ensure you speak with your Industry Representatives to raise any feedback or concerns in these forums.

You can also view the minutes of the most recent meetings for your information.

Reference Group

Additional Resources

LSSA will continue to publish relevant information on this page for your consumption.

CAD Standard

Sample Files (last updated December 2020)

CAD Tools - Instructional Videos


If you have any immediate questions or contributions, please contact Jason Williams, Business Transformation Team [email protected]