The Premium Consulting Service provides an improved way to process plans, register dealings and create titles, delivering significant efficiencies to your business.

Land division is a timely process that can result in delayed transaction on a property, resulting in increased holding costs for the land owner. Premium Consulting provides an improved way to process plans, register dealings and create titles, delivering significant efficiencies to you and your client.

Land Services SA’s Premium Consulting is a personalised service that delivers advice and consultation to parties involved in the property development process, providing initial examination and assessment of plans and associated dealings prior to lodgement.

Through the service, a Client Liaison Officer from our specialist team will work with lodging parties one-on-one to pre-examine plans and dealings, ensuring quick, first-time acceptance once they are lodged.

Premium Consulting Service results in

  • Smoother plan processing
  • Swift registration of Dealings
  • Prompt Title creation
  • Reduce holding costs

Premium Consulting service is available for most plan lodgements and dealing types, making it a beneficial service for Conveyancers and Surveyors in South Australia.

What our customers have to say

We recently used Premium Consulting Service for a major hotel and apartment development in the CBD. Consultants from Land Services met with our surveyor on site to ensure the plans accurately reflected the development. This resulted in the plans being approved without requisitions and titles being issues in the shortest possible time. The benefit to us was a significant reduction in holding costs as we were able to settle our apartments quicker than expected. We plan to use Premium Consulting Service for all of our future projects.

- Daniel Palumbo, Palumbo Pty Ltd

Premium Consulting Service provides us with peace of mind by knowing that dealings have been correctly prepared prior to lodgement, with assistance from Land Services' Property Examiners. The streamlined process gives us confidence in meeting our contractual deadlines and makes a significant impact on our client's cashflow by reducing holding costs. Premium Consulting Service is certainly worth the money.

- Amy Pearson, Registered Conveyancers for Duncan Sande & Associates

We have been using Premium Consulting Service prior to lodging our dealing for some time now. We find the service invaluable as it alleviates the incidence of requisitions with this benefit greatly outweighing the small cost. This is both in ours and our client's favour. We continue to recommend  Premium  Consulting Service to our existing and new customers.

- Directors of Key Conveyancing

We have been using Premium Consulting Services for more than 2 years now. Having access to subject matter experts when lodging complex surveys is indispensable. The service helps us expedite Plan approvals, saving a great deal of time and significantly reducing our client's holding costs. I highly recommend Land Services Premium Consulting Service - the value definitely outweighs the cost.

- Rocco Cavallo, Cavallo Forest Licensed Surveyors

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Standard Terms of Supply of Services

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