EPL Access & Support

To access EPL you require an Organisation account. Organisation accounts will only be given to lodging organisations with an Australian Business Number.

Creating an Organisation account:

A SAILIS Account is required for the Organisation - please see SAILIS Access and Support for more information.

  1. Complete an EPL Organisation Application Form.
  2. See EPL Terms and Conditions.
  3. Visa and MasterCard payment options are available in EPL, to pay fees by direct debit - complete an EPL Direct Debit Request Form.
  4. To register as a Plan Certifier, a Licensed Surveyor must complete a EPL Surveyor Application Form.
  5. Return all the completed forms to Land Services SA by email, post or to the front counter (see details below)

A username and password will be assigned and sent to the principal contact (Organisation Administrator) you nominated.

Managing Users

The Organisation Administrator is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any usernames and passwords. They are also responsible for controlling access to their account by creating users assigned to your Organisation account. The Organisation Administrator is responsible for resetting passwords and deactivating the users assigned to their Organisation account.

It is recommended to create a second Organisation Administrator to support the primary Administrator. This will also allow each Administrator to reset the password of the other. If only one Organisation Administrator exists, you will need to contact Land Services SA to reset the password of the Organisation Administrator.

Deactivating an Organisation Account

A request must be made in writing to Land Services SA if you want to deactivate your Organisation account.

Include in your letter your:

  • Company letterhead
  • Organisation account name
  • Contact Details
  • a brief description of your request
  • Signature of person of authority

Return your letter to Land Services SA by email, post or to the front counter (see details below).


Detailed instructions on how to use EPL are provided in the EPL Training Manual (1.5 MB PDF). Training courses for new lodging organisations can be arranged on request to Land Services SA.

You can also view our EPL FAQ's for more information.