API Customers

Land Services SA is API enabled, delivering trusted property information seamlessly to information brokers, financial institutions , conveyancers, and other customers

Our APIs enable data to be easily embedded into your applications and workflows, ensuring a smooth and integrated user experience, with relevant up-to-date information

Land Services SA API Features

  • Business Efficiencies
    • Automate the process of ordering products in SAILIS
    • Reduce manual data entry whilst minimising errors and streamlining workflow.
  • Provision of real-time data
    • Trusted structured data such as registered owner, title reference, address, property attributes, property values, and dealing numbers ingested into the client's workflow.
    • Online storage of your results for up to 30 days.
  • Ongoing Support
    • ICT Support throughout the integration and testing phase
    • Support for technical teams with OpenAPI definition, API specification and developer documentation provided.
  • Account Management
    • Integrated billing and reporting
    • Account management to assist clients with operation matters and projects.

SAILIS Information available through API

Dealing Search

  • Dealing details

General Search

  • Property Interest Report
  • Form 1 Templates

Land Search

  • Register Search
  • Register Search Plus
  • Check Search
  • Historical Search
  • Title Details
  • Valuation Details
  • Title for Owner Name
  • Priority Notice Details

Image Search

  • Plan image
  • Dealing image

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