Adding and Removing a Name on Your Title

If an owner wants to add or remove a name from their Certificate of Title, a Transfer must be lodged with Land Services SA.

Transacting property is a complex endeavour, and Land Services SA strongly advices individuals to seek the assistance of a Registered Conveyancer or Solicitor when dealing with any estate and interest in land.

While Land Services SA cannot provide legal advice on property transactions, we have developed the below resources to assist you, should you decide to prepare and lodge your own legal documents as a self-represented party.

1. Review the Transfer T1 Checklist to assist you in checking off the steps you will need to complete before lodging a Transfer with Land Services SA.

2.  Download a copy of the Transfer Form T1

3. View the Transfer Form T1 Guidance Notes to assist you in completing the Transfer Form

Please note, if you complete this form without the assistance of a Registered Conveyancer or Legal Practitioner, you will need to comply with the legislative requirements and provide the relevant certifications that apply to self-represented parties.

4. View the LTO Form Standards that you must comply with when completing the Transfer Form

5. Have your Identity Verified

Applications for a Transfer are subject to the Registrar-General's Verification of Identity

Land Services SA have developed a Verification of Identity Requirements for Self-Represented Parties Guidance Note for your convenience.

6. Have your Authority Verified

Applications for a Transfer are subject to, and must comply with the Registrar-General's  Verification of Authority requirements.

7. Have your Transfer assessed by Revenue SA for Stamp Duty Requirements

Land Services SA have published a range of property related fees as well as a Transfer Fee Calculator. You can use these for your convenience, however must have your Transfer assessed (stamped) by Revenue SA before lodgement with Land Services SA.

Property Transfer Fee Calculator

Ad Valorem Fees

8. Lodge the Application

Lodge the completed application with Land Services SA either in person (Level 9, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000) or via post (GPO Box 543, Adelaide, SA, 5001) along with:

  • Evidence relating to the verification of your identity and authority to deal with the property.
  • Any other evidence to support the Transfer
  • The Registration Fee payable, this can be cash or cheque only