Property Watch for Real Estate

Property Watch helps you:

  • Monitor your rent roll
  • Add value to your landlords
  • Proactively communicate with your landlords
  • Protect your landlord's assets

Real Estate Professionals across South Australia use Property Watch to proactively build relationships with landlords, protect client assets and get advance notice when activity is happening on a property.

Land Services Property Watch is one of the few tools available that helps you see potential changes happening in advance, giving you an invaluable window with which to proactively engage your clients.

Property Managers use Property Watch to monitor their entire rent roll and to get an early opportunity to engage with clients prior to potential changes taking place. It also provides relevant reasons for positive engagement with your client, adding tangible value to the relationship.

Some use cases for Property Managers include:

  • If a PRR is ordered on a property, an appraisal might be underway and that the property might be listed for sale soon.
  • If a name change has occurred on a property, it could signal that your client’s circumstances have changed and your agreement needs updating.
  • You can protect your client’s properties by notifying them of name changes or caveats. Property Watch ensures you are the first to know.
  • You can receive the annually updated capital value of your client’s properties as soon as the change happens, providing a relevant and proactive reason to connect with your client.Shape

Real Estate Agents can use Property Watch to open positive conversations with clients at the most relevant time.

Some use cases for Real Estate Agents include:

  • Alerts for Development Approval or Subdivision are strong indicators that your client will soon require your services again.
  • An alert for a zoning change enable you to inform your developer client they are now open to progress with their plans.
  • Stay informed via internal research, e.g. monitoring sales and development trends, calculating market share of appraisals.

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