Professional Assistance

You are not legally obliged to engage the services of a solicitor or registered conveyancer, however Land Services SA always recommend engaging an industry professional to seek representation due to the complex legal nature of land transactions / dealings, subdivisions and boundary realignments.

A registered conveyancer or legal practitioner will generally undertake the following on your behalf: -

  • prepare and clarify legal documents, like the contract of sale, memorandum of transfer
  • conduct research about the property and its certificate of title, like checking for easements and the type of title
  • represent you in preparing for and during settlement
  • place and hold deposit money in a trust account
  • calculate the adjustment of rates and taxes when buying or selling a property
  • liaise with the vendor or buyer's solicitor or registered conveyancer over settlement arrangements
  • contact you to advise when settlement or subdivision is complete
  • contact your financial institution, if applicable, regarding how and when the final payments are to be made and received
  • submit applications to Revenue SA for any grants you may be eligible for, such as first home owners grant
  • negotiate offers on your behalf with a vendor or their agent
  • lodge all necessary documents with the relevant agencies.

A licenced surveyor will generally undertake the following on your behalf: -

  • identify and mark the location of existing property boundaries on the ground, through Identification Surveys that may be required for fencing or construction purposes
  • prepare and certify most plans of land division or amalgamation
  • create an easement
  • identify the location of an easement

Finding an Industry Professional

The best way to find an Industry Professional is through a recommendation by a friend or family. Alternatively, the Industry Bodies below publish lists of registered and certified practitioners in your areas:

Legal Practitioner – Law Society of South Australia

Conveyancer –  Australian Institute of Conveyancers South Australia

Surveyor – Surveyors Board of South Australia

Should you not engage the services of an industry professional, you will be responsible to:

  • prepare all legal documentation
  • make sure you fully understand all relevant legislation and regulations that apply
  • be aware of the requirements of all other agencies that may need to be involved - eg your local council.

While Land Services SA provide a range of educational materials, factsheets and guidance notes – we will not provide any legal or advisory assistance to non-represented clients.