Land Services SA have developed this website to ensure our services and information are readily available to as broad an audience as possible. This includes people with disabilities who may use assistive technology to read or listen to content on this site.

Screen Readers

All pages have been developed with a clean distinction between code and design. This is so screen readers and other accessible browsers have the best possible chance to read the site properly.

Browsers and Devices

The site works with modern browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox (for Windows), and Safari (for Macs).

This site uses a responsive design that automatically adjusts to fit the size and type of device being used to access it - eg smartphone, tablet or PC.


This site contains a number of reference materials available for download. Publication-based documents are usually downloadable in PDF format.

PDF, or Portable Document Format, was originally designed for the print industry, enabling documents to be presented and printed consistently regardless of software or operating system. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular and free application or browser extension that enables PDFs to be viewed (and in some cases, altered or marked up) on a number of platforms.

DOC (or DOCX) files are word processing documents, most commonly created and opened in the proprietary Microsoft Word application. Microsoft also offers a Word Viewer as a free download, and various open source applications (Such as Apache OpenOffice and Libre Office) can open, import, save and export the files. Google Docs also enables opening, editing and saving/exporting of .DOC and .DOCX files.

While Apple iPhones are able to open (view) both file types from the default Safari browser, other mobile devices may require other third-party apps (such as mobile versions of Acrobat Reader).

Other ways to Receive Services

Counter Services

If you are having difficulties accessing services, visit us at 101 Grenfell Street Adelaide  or phone 08 8423 5000 and our staff will assist with your enquiry.

Online Enquiries

If you don't have the time to visit our Customer Service centre, you can always contact us by email at [email protected].

Translation Services

If you need information translated and you reside in South Australia, phone the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) on 13 14 50 and ask the operator to contact Land Services SA on 08 8423 5000.