Fast Track

Fast Track is an optional service that provides an enhanced process for non-division dealing(s).

Fast Track is an optional service offered for non-division type dealings, reducing the time to registration (or requisition) of the dealing to within 3 business days after acceptance of a quote or lodgement, whichever is the latest.

By opting for Fast Track, clients can expect the prompt processing of their non-division dealing(s). This service is available for clients where the eligibility criteria for an expedited dealing examination (known as a Red Packet Priority Service) is insufficient.


  • The Fast Track Service does not replace the Red Packet Priority Service for those clients in difficult or extenuating circumstances and who satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Fast Track Benefits

  • Faster completion of non-division dealing (s)
  • Assurance of registration within the defined service times

What our customers have to say

Land Services SA’s Fast Track service is great for our clients who need prompt registration of SA land dealings. The fee is modest for peace of mind that any delays in registration, such as lengthy processing times or requisitions, will be minimised. We recently lodged an unusual paper dealing at Land Services SA, which had to be registered urgently to correct the title before an upcoming settlement. Thanks to the Fast Track service, the document was registered the next day.

- Linley Schultz, Cowell Clarke Commercial Lawyers


To take advantage of Fast Track, you can select the appropriate pricing option based on the number and complexity of your dealings(s):

1.  Standard Package (up to 3 dealings):  $275 inc GST

2.  Complex Package (more than 3 dealings):  $495 inc GST

3.  Bespoke Package (for highly complex series):  $POA (Price to be determined upon assessment)


The Fast Track service is limited to non-division dealings only.

Dealings are not eligible for Fast Track if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • A Division dealing, such as: TG, ACT, RTC etc.
  • Or Dealings in series with a Division Dealing
  • If there is an Active Priority Notice for other dealings on any of the affected titles
  • If the dealings are waiting on "Pick Up"
  • A Removal of Caveat.


To apply for Fast Track, please complete the online application form here:

Apply Here

You will receive a Fast Track Reference Number which should be included in any further communications. The Fast Track team will respond by email with either:

  • Approved for work
  • Declined - usually because the dealings do not fall within the scope of this service
  • Bespoke Quote - for large or complicated dealings that fall outside the Standard and Complex packages; the Fast Track team will provide a Bespoke Quote for the service. If a Bespoke quote is applied, work will not commence until the quote has been Accepted by reply email.


  • Request for the Fast Track service can be made prior to, or at the time of dealing lodgement; or submitted at any time after dealing lodgement.
  • The dealing will be registered or requisitioned within 3 business days of the acceptance of the quote or lodgement, whichever is the latest.
  • In the event of a requisition, the dealing(s) will be processed within 3 business days of re-submission of the dealings.