Account and Invoicing update

As of 3 June 2019, when logging into SAILIS you will notice a Land Services SA Account Credit Limit displayed under your existing Land Services Group Account Credit Limit. By default all clients will have a Credit Limit set to $0.00 and will be unable to access new Land Services SA products until a Land Services SA account is established.

To receive access to the Property Research Report (PRR), PointData Products, and future Land Services SA products, you will need to establish a Land Services SA account by completing a Credit and Account Application form and returning to [email protected].

Upon receiving a Land Services SA Account, you will be able to order in SAILIS:

  • The PRR through the new PRR menu option
  • PointData products using the Land Search Property Search function.

A separate Land Services SA invoice will be generated monthly and sent to your nominated Account email.

Please note, the process for purchasing and invoicing existing SA Government products using your ‘Land Services Group Account’ remains unchanged.

If you require any further information, or would like support to establish a Land Services SA Account, please contact [email protected].

LSSA Accounts FAQ