Property Interest Reports

A Property Interest Report (or Form 1 Template) can be purchased online through SAILIS from the general search menu. These products provide information necessary for the completion of a Vendor's Statement.

A PIR or Form 1 Template product will provide:

  • title and valuations details
  • any registered or unregistered documents lodged within the last 90 days on the property
  • a copy of a register search for the certificate of title
  • any government interests associated with the land.

The following certificates are also included and delivered electronically to the person buying the PIR or Form 1 Template:

Industry professionals are encouraged to become registered users of EPIC and RevenueSA Online to download these certificates.

PIR or Form 1 Template Refresh

Clients have the ability to order a refresh of a PIR or Form 1 Template product within 90 calendar days of the original product purchase. The refresh includes the reissue of the other inclusions such as the Register Search, Check Search and Title and Valuation Details, as well as other notices necessary for vendors and purchasers.

Government Interests and Agency Responses

A range of state government interests may be associated with a property.

A PIR or Form 1 Template may indicate that further details are available from an individual agency regarding a property interest. Once a PIR or Form 1 Template has been ordered, Land Services SA automatically notify these agencies who respond directly to the person who purchased the PIR or Form 1 within eight business days.