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Land Services SA partner with the SA Government and relevant Industry Bodies to deliver a range of Educational Materials to support property industry professionals. This webpage is dedicated to the publication of Industry Education Materials to assist conveyancing and survey professionals.


Digital Plan Lodgement

This set of materials consists of a series of short training videos focusing on how to use Land Services SA’s CAD Standard Template and Tool Palette in the various common CAD software for the preparation of DWG files for lodgement in Electronic Plan Lodgement (EPL).

To view the CAD Standard and Example Files, please visit Digital Plan Lodgement.

DPL Instructional Video

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Set Up

  • Install CAD Standard Template and SAVE AS .dwg file
  • Display background colour: model vs paper space
  • Interface:
    • File Path: Express Tool file for BricsCAD users only
    • Tool Palette
      • How to locate and display the palettes
      • Docking / undocked
  • Saving your settings






  • How to generate an extract in EPL
  • The value of using the generated extract
    • Insert into LSSA .dwg V04 template
      • Using an Origin Point
      • CSF – Combined Scale Factor

Tool Palettes: Routines and Occupation

  • Bearing and Distance (BD) – Adds the bearing and distance on the correct layers for any selected lines
  • Point to Point Bearing and Distance (BDP)
  • Copied Data (CD) – Add a dashed underline to any selected text
  • Corner Mark (CM) – Adds an annotative corner mark Block
  • Chainage
    • Chainage underline (UL) - Add an underline to any selected text for chainage
    • Chainage overline (OL) – Adds an under and over line for any selected text for chainage
  • Change Text Height (CTH) – Changes the height of the text i.e., 2 or 2.5
  • Line Break (LB) – Creates a rectangular wipe out used to show line breaks
  • Reference Table (RT) – creates the Reference Table using the attributes stored in the Reference Mark Block
  • Set Scale (SSC) – Sets the scale of the current view
  • Scale Bar (SB) – Inserts Scale Bar
  • Symbols (Character map)
    • Meter squared (M²)
    • Degree (°)
    • Hectare (Ha)
    • Custom
  • Viewport Polygonal (VPP)
  • Viewport Rectangular (IVPP)
  • Occupation
    • A selection of PPG Occupation symbols

Tool Palettes: Reference Marks

  • Reference Mark Palette
  • True Reference mark/s and Exaggerated Reference Mark/s
  • What is validated and what is displayed in the TIFF
  • Attributes Editor

True and Exaggerated linework

  • Layers
  • What is validated and what is displayed in the TIFF

Tool Palettes: General and Schedules

  • Qleader (arrowhead and spline)
  • Annotative objects (assigning a scale to object)
  • Schedules and Attribute Editor window
  • Stretch and expand table

Using the Tool Palettes in MicroSurvey

  • Occupation
    • Stretch and shrink Blocks
  • Routines (demonstrate / apply / use)
  • General Blocks
    • Qleader (arrowhead and spline)
  • Reference Marks
    • Select a Reference Mark and complete the Attributes
  • Type in GRIPS to activate grips in Blocks


  • Data labels (Bearing and Distance)
  • Line geometry in polygon – show as closed
    • Refer to DPL CAD standard (validation tolerances)

Annotative Objects and paper text height

  • Annotative buttons
    • Location and functions
      • AutoCAD (Annotation Visibility, Annotation Scale)
      • BricsCAD
      • IntelliCAD
      • MicroSurvey
  • Annotative Objects – identify objects
    • Annotation Scale
    • Paper text height
  • Viewport Scale
    • select, pan, lock





Paper Space

  • Model space vs Paper space
  • Explanation of the Paper space layout display
  • Tabs
    • Model tab
    • Layout tabs
      • DS_ (1) – the whole drawing to fit within A3 sheet of paper
      • DS_ (2) – to add enlargements
      • adding another layout tab – to add more enlargements
  • A3 title Block Template with Attributes
    • CSF
    • Origin Point
  • Viewports (Tool Palette)
  • Schedule
    • Reference Mark Schedule
    • Attributes Editor
  • Scale Bar (Tool Palette)
  • North Point (Block)


  • Explanation of a Viewport
  • Create Viewports
    • Insert Rectangular Viewport (IVP) from Tool Palette - inserts Viewport within Paper space
    • Insert Polygon Viewport (IVPP) from Tool Palette - inserts Viewport within Paper space
  • Modify Viewports
    • Assigning a scale to a Viewport (Viewport Scale)
    • VPCLIP - command to manipulate or change the shape of the selected Viewport
    • Lock a Viewport

Uploading a DWG file into EPL

  • How to upload to EPL
  • Reports (PPG validation glossary)
    • PPG Validation
    • DPL CAD Standard validation

Simple Drawing

  • Start (set up)
  • Generate the extract in EPL
  • Prepare drawing
  • Upload in EPL
  • Validation Reports





Industry Education Series

LSSA Industry Education Series 1

In June 2020, Land Services SA launched our first webinar series, tailored to Property Industry Professionals.

Each month Land Services SA will be holding a 30-minute educational webinar as part of our Industry training and education program, supporting Industry to deliver excellent service to clients.

Webinar 1: Certifications  - click here to view the recording

Webinar 2: Series Order – click here to view the recording

Webinar 3: Electronic Lodgement Policies and Procedures – click here to view the recording

LSSA Industry Education Series 2

Webinar 1: RTU or RTC forms - click here to view the recording (download the presentation)

Webinar 2: Consent forms - click here to view the recording (download the presentation)

Webinar 3: LF documents - click here to view the recording (download the presentation)

LSSA Industry Education Series 3

Webinar 1: Electronic Plan Lodgement: How to use and it’s benefits - click here to view the recording (download the presentation)

Webinar 2: Textual Sheet: Other Titles Affected - click here to view the recording (download the presentation)

Webinar 3: Divisions involving Community and Strata Plans - click here to view the recording (download the presentation)

For further information and support please refer to the Property Professionals Page