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Land Services SA partner with the SA Government and relevant Industry Bodies to deliver a range of Educational Materials to support property industry professionals.

This webpage is dedicated to the publication of Industry Education Materials to assist conveyancing professionals. The first set of materials consists of a series of short training videos focusing on key requirements of eConveyancing in the lead up to 3 August 2020, the date set for mandating of eConveyancing in South Australia.

These videos have been published by topic to enable practitioners to select and watch videos relevant to them at their convenience.

eConveyancing Series

Training Video

Relevant Support Materials


An evening with Land Services SA's Commercial Team

Land Services SA are always looking to engage with our clients to discover ways that we help develop solutions that will deliver improved value to you.

We would like to invite you to spend an evening with our passionate and innovative Commercial Team, who are eager to provide you with an overview of some of the new and existing products developed by LSSA to gain your valuable feedback and insights.

The Team are also keen to hear from you about some of the current pressure points in your business to understand how we might be able to work with you to develop solutions that meet your needs.

We look forward to seeing you there, places are limited so make sure you Register your interest quickly!

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LSSA Industry Education Series 1

In June 2020, Land Services SA launched our first webinar series, tailored to Property Industry Professionals.

Each month Land Services SA will be holding a 30-minute educational webinar as part of our Industry training and education program, supporting Industry to deliver excellent service to clients.

Webinar 1: Certifications  - click here to view the recording

Webinar 2: Series Order – click here to view the recording

Webinar 3: Electronic Lodgement Policies and Procedures – click here to view the recording

LSSA Industry Education Series 2