Property Watch

Property Watch for Mortgage Brokers

Property Watch helps you:

  • Update and inform your clients
  • Identify activities that impact your clients lending needs
  • Monitor your mortgage book

Property Watch is an ideal tool to assist Mortgage Brokers to keep your clients up to date with key aspects of their property and mortgage commitments. In turn, it helps protect your mortgage book by identifying potential changes in your client’s circumstances. You can then tailor your service to your client using the most current information.

Mortgage Brokers already use Property Watch to:

  • Receive forewarning that an activity such as a sale is potentially occurring (e.g. if a PRR has been ordered) and proactively connect with your client to ensure they fully understand the implications on their existing mortgage commitments.
  • Initiate proactive contact with clients whose property’s Capital Value (and therefore equity) may have increased to a point where changes to their mortgage could be in their best interests (e.g. no need for Lenders Mortgage Insurance).
  • Understand when a change in circumstance is potentially about to occur (e.g. alerts for a Development Approval, name change or rezoning) which might affect the client’s lending needs.

Land Services Property Watch is one of the few products available that helps you see change coming in advance, giving you an invaluable window with which to proactively engage your clients.

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