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Land Services Property Watch is a subscription-based service within Land Services SA’s SAILIS platform enabling you to monitor various activity against a selected Certificate of Title. When activity is detected, you will automatically receive a notification, ensuring you’re the first to know of any changes on a property you’re interested in.

Here a few examples of the types of activity that can be monitored.

  • Lodgement of a Dealing and when a dealing has been registered and complete
  • When a Certificate of Title is Rezoned or Cancelled
  • The purchase of various products from Land Services SA e.g. Property Interest Report (PIR)
  • Submission of an LGA Development Application received by Land Services SA
  • Lodgement of a Plan where new allotments will be created.

Property Watch for Real Estate  

Property Watch for Mortgage Brokers

Land Services Property Watch can help you with:

  • Market Research: Monitor activity on properties where you are gathering market insights to provide you with the most current information.
  • Monitoring Your Assets: Leverage the alerts to monitor properties where you have an interest to track any activity against the Certificate of Title. This will assist you to manage your assets and gain early visibility of any title activity that requires further investigation.
  • Identifying Development Opportunities:  Use Property Watch when waiting on a zoning change, managing a transaction that would benefit from notification of the lodgement of Plan, or leveraging early sale indicator notifications to assist your business and optimise how you engage with your customers.

Getting Started:

Signing up to a Land Services Property Watch subscription is easy – simply log in to your existing SAILIS account and select 'Land Services Property Watch' on the top menu. From here you can add individual properties or if you'd rather add some in bulk via a spreadsheet, please contact us via the form below.

If you do not have a SAILIS account, you can apply for one by completing the SAILIS Account Application Form and email a signed copy to [email protected].

Property Watch alerts are also available via API, which can quickly elevate your property monitoring when integrated into your existing platform.

If you have an enquiry and would like to speak to a Land Services SA representative, please contact us via the form below.

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