Land Services SA is the single source of truth and sole custodian for Property Transactional and Valuation data in South Australia

Worth $16B annually, activity in the property sector is a significant component of the South Australian economy. Land Services SA is at the centre of this activity. As a trusted partner of the State Government, Land Services SA is in the unique position as a private company to bring an investment lens to the function of the sovereign data generated in every property, land transaction and statutory property valuation within South Australia.

Land Services SA’s datasets are unique, extensive and timely. By using our property datasets, we can build a detailed picture of the state through inputs received in real time. Informed by every conceivable aspect of our built environment from the sale date, type, and price of a house through to a water flag and roof type, Land Services SA has the data to drive better decisions and smarter business operations.

Land Services SA's data can help you

  1. Understand shifting market dynamics as they happen
  2. Identify and realise opportunities, faster
  3. Leverage bespoke data solutions built just for your business
  4. Use our data to complement and validate you existing database.

As a business partner, we connect our customers to data, empowering them to effortlessly turn information into reliable decisions, uncovering a world of commercial opportunities gained from the integrity and breadth of the data we manage.

Work with us to unleash the power of our data on your business performance and build an informed strategy that keeps your company growing.

Click here to download a copy of LSSA’s Data Catalogue.

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