Forms & Guidance Notes

Form Standards

You must print all forms in black, on both sides of white A4, 80-gsm paper. If you do not have access to a duplex printer, use the manual feed option to produce a double-sided copy.

The National Mortgage Form (NMF) Design Specification requires single sided printing, however Land Services SA will accept the NMF form in either Simplex (single-sided) or Duplex (double-sided).

You do not need the Registrar-General's approval to reproduce panel forms in hard copy or digital formats. The Registrar-General may refuse to accept any instrument, annexure sheet or inserted sheet for registration, which does not comply with the LTO Form Standards (PDF 280.0 KB).

Software Requirements

For optimum performance and security, we recommend using the following browser versions or higher:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome 30
  • Safari 7
  • Firefox 27

Web browsers should have JavaScript and cookies enabled for Forms to function correctly.

The forms are accessible for both PC and Mac users with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The text format is pre-set. Font size, type, colour, boldness, underlining and italics cannot be adjusted.

Form FAQ's

I can't open the forms

As a minimum, you will need to have Windows 7 or above and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You may need to change your PC or browser settings.

  • right click on the hyperlink that points to the relevant form
  • select save target as or save link as depending on your browser, to save the form to your desired location - eg your desktop
  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, click file open and select the form you saved to your desired location - eg desktop
  • you will be able to open the form from your saved location - eg desktop

I’ve tried 'save as' and I still can't open the forms

There are a number of localised settings on your computer which may restrict your ability to access the LTO forms - eg your 'Pop-up blocker' might be turned on.

If you have the correct software and are still experiencing issues opening the forms after trying the 'save as' option, you could try accessing the forms using a different browser - we recommend Internet Explorer.

Are the forms available in any other versions?

The forms have been published as editable documents, in order to ensure they are in an appropriate format for scanning into SAILIS - eg page margins are set to the required parameters.

If the published forms do not meet the requirements of your business, you may wish to make enquiries with one of the external providers who offer alternative versions of the forms as part of their conveyancing software packages.

How do I print the forms?

The forms consist of a 'cover sheet' followed by page one two and so on. Clients are to print the forms double sided where page one of the dealing is on the back of the cover sheet (which is not numbered). Once printed, forms should be stapled together in the top left-hand corner.

Registration Forms

Registration forms cater for all non-division dealing types. Guidance notes are provided for most LTO forms. These are of a general nature and cannot replace the advice of a legal practitioner or registered conveyancer.

Document TypePrefixEditable FormGuidance Notes
Acquisition AQ B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Acquisition (Subsidiary Interest) AQ2 B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Amend/Vary an Agreement or Covenant VA B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)      None
Annexure (Blank Form) B1 B1 (DOC 31.0 KB) B1 (PDF 516.4 KB)    
Blank Annexure (Statutory Declaration) BSD BSD (PDF 72.5 KB)      None
Application A A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Application (Subsidiary Interest) A2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)      A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)  
Application to Register Death AD A2 (DOC 73.0 KB)      A2 (PDF 503.7 KB)
Application to Register Death (Subsidiary Interest) AD2 A2 (DOC 73.0 KB)A2 (PDF 503.7 KB)
Appointment of New Trustees NT B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)      None
Appointment of New Trustees (Subsidiary Interest) NT2 B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Bankruptcy BA A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB) 
Bankruptcy (Subsidiary Interest) BA2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Cancellation of Retirement Village CR A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)
Caveat X C1 (DOC 75.5 KB)       C1 (PDF 540.8 KB)     
Caveat (Subsidiary Interest) X2        C1 (DOC 75.5 KB)C1 (PDF 540.8 KB)   
Cessation of Lien LC W3 (DOC 77.5 KB)W3 (PDF 532.2 KB)    
Change/Correction of Address CA CA  (DOC 78.0 KB) CA (PDF 284.5 KB)   
Change/Correction of Address (Subsidiary Interest) CA2 CA  (DOC 78.0 KB)CA  (PDF 284.5 KB)   
Charging Order CO2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)
Change/Correction of Name (Company/Incorporated Body) CN A4 (DOC 77.5 KB)A4 (PDF 544.6 KB)
Change of Name/Correction(Natural Person) CN A4 (DOC 77.5 KB)A4 (PDF 544.6 KB)
Change of Name (Subsidiary Interest) CN2 A4 (DOC 77.5 KB)A4 (PDF 544.6 KB)
Client Authorisation CLA CLA (PDF 127.8 KB)     None
Covenant C A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)  
Death of Lessee determining lease ADD A2 (DOC 73.0 KB)A2 (PDF 503.7 KB)     
Determination of Crown Lease DL B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)     None
Discharge of Advance or Charge and Discharge of Orders of Court DA A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Discharge of Covenant DC A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Discharge of Encumbrance DE D3 (DOC 77.5 KB)D3 (PDF 534.5 KB)     
Discharge of Mortgage DM D1 (DOCX 25.6 KB)     D1 (PDF 555.5 KB)   
Discharging/Lapse of Caveat/Lapse of Restraining Order AX A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)  A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Encumbrance E M2 (DOC 89.0 KB)     M2 (PDF 508.1 KB)     
Encumbrance (Subsidiary Interest) E2 M2 (DOC 89.0 KB)  M2 (PDF 508.1 KB)   
Extension of Lease EL E2 (DOC 86.0 KB)     E2 (PDF 529.8 KB)
Extension of Mortgage EM E1 (DOC 84.0 KB)E1 (PDF 498.0 KB)     
Extension of Mortgage EM E1A (DOC 83.0 KB) None
Extension of Underlease EU E3 (DOC 85.5 KB)E3 (PDF 550.5 KB)    
Foreclosure Application FA B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)      None
General Application (Excluding Change of Proprietorship) OA A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)
Lease L L1 (DOC 85.5 KB)L1 (PDF 560.1 KB)   
Lien LN LN (DOC 81.0 KB)      LN (PDF 540.1 KB)     
Lien (Subsidiary Interest) LN2 LN (DOC 81.0 KB)   LN (PDF 540.1 KB)
Miscellaneous Advance/Charge MA B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Miscellaneous Advance/Charge (Subsidiary Interest) MA2 B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)   None
National Mortgage Form M ARNECC webformNone
National Mortgage Form (Justification for change of mortgagor name)MCNARNECC webformNone
Mortgage of Encumbrance/Agreement ME ARNECC webformNone
Mortgage of Lease ML ARNECC webformNone
Mortgage of Mortgage MM ARNECC webform None
Mortgage of Underlease MU ARNECC webformNone
Application to note Retirement Village AR A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Notification N B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)    None
Order of Court (Change in Proprietorship) CO A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)   
Order of Court (Discharging) OD A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)      
Order of Court (Restraining Order etc.) CO2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB) A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Order of Court Administering (Appointing Manager) OCA3 (DOC 79.5 KB)
A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)
Order of Court Administering (Appointing Manager)(Subsidiary Interest) OC2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Partial Discharge of Encumbrance PE D3 (DOC 77.5 KB)      D3 (PDF 534.5 KB)     
Partial Discharge of Mortgage PM D1 (DOCX 25.6 KB)D1 (PDF 555.5 KB)     
Partial Discharge of Mortgage (Narrative) PM B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)    None
Partial Surrender of Lease PL S1 (DOC 87.0 KB)S1 (PDF 528.4 KB)
Partial Surrender of Underlease PU S2 (DOC 86.5 KB)S2 (PDF 498.8 KB)    
Partial Withdrawal of Caveat PX W1 (DOC 76.5 KB)W1 (PDF 534.5 KB)    
Partial Withdrawal of Lien PLN W2 (DOC 82.0 KB)     W2 (PDF 533.1 KB)    
Partial Withdrawal of Registrar-General’s Caveat PXX WXX (DOC 73.0 KB)WXX (PDF 513.6 KB)   
Partial Withdrawal OF Warrant PW A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Power of Attorney PA P1  (DOC 79.0 KB)     P1 (PDF 505.0 KB)
Power of Attorney (Enduring) PA P2 (DOC 85.5 KB)      P2 (PDF 505.0 KB)     
Power of Sale PS T4 (DOC 81.5 KB)      T4 (PDF 537.5 KB)   
Power of Sale (Subsidiary Interest) PS2 T4 (DOC 81.5 KB)T4 (PDF 537.5 KB)   
Re-Entry of Underlease RU B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Re-Entry of Lease RL B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Application to Note a Heritage Agreement AH A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)     A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Application to Note an Agreement AG A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)     A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)   
Registrar-General’s Caveat XX XX (DOC 58.5 KB)XX (PDF 493.1 KB)    
Registrar-General’s Caveat (Subsidiary Interest) XX2 XX (DOC 58.5 KB)      XX (PDF 493.1 KB)   
Removal of Caveat RX RX  (DOC 80.5 KB)     RX (PDF 534.7 KB)     
Renewal of Crown Lease RC B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Request for New Titles RT RT (DOC 69.5 KB)RT  (PDF 269.4 KB)   
Rescind an Agreement RA A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)    A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Revocation of Power of Attorney RP RP  (DOC 74.5 KB)     RP (PDF 473.2 KB)
Standard Terms and Conditions of Encumbrance TC M4  (DOC 79.0 KB)     M4 (PDF 493.0 KB)    
Standard Terms and Conditions of Lease TC L3 (DOC 81.0 KB)      L3 (PDF 492.6 KB)  
Standard Terms and Conditions of Mortgage TC M3 (DOC 79.0 KB)      M3 (PDF 492.5 KB)    
Surrender of Lease SL S1 (DOC 87.0 KB)S1 (PDF 528.4 KB)
Surrender of Underlease SU S2 (DOC 86.5 KB)S2 (PDF 498.8 KB)
Termination of Development Contract TD TD (DOC 60.0 KB)TD (PDF 551.3 KB)     
Termination of Heritage Agreement TH       A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Transfer T T1 (DOC 81.0 KB)T1 (PDF 542.4 KB)    
Transfer (Dealing with Rights) T T2 (DOC 84.5 KB)      T2 (PDF 539.7 KB)    
Transfer of Encumbrance TE T3  (DOC 82.5 KB)    T3 (PDF 558.3 KB)
Transfer of Lease TL
T3 (DOC 82.5 KB)
T3 (PDF 558.3 KB)  
Transfer of Mortgage TM
T3 (DOC 82.5 KB)
T3 (PDF 558.3 KB) 
Transfer of Underlease TU
T3 (DOC 82.5 KB)
T3 (PDF 558.3 KB)
Transmission Application TA A1 (DOC 75.5 KB)      A1 (PDF 536.9 KB)     
Transmission Application (Subsidiary Interest) TA2 A1 (DOC 75.5 KB)  A1 (PDF 536.9 KB)
Underlease (Whole of Lease) UL L2 (DOC 89.0 KB)       L2  (PDF 353.2 KB)    
Underlease (Portion of Lease) UL L2 (DOC 89.0 KB)L2 (PDF 353.2 KB)  
Variation of Order of Priority AV A5 (DOC 82.0 KB)A5 (PDF 533.3 KB)   
Vesting V A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)
Vesting (Subsidiary Interest) V2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)    
Vesting/Merger Closed Road VM B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)     None
Waiver of Conditions/Trusts WV B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) None
Warrant of Sale WS A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Warrant of Sale (Subsidiary Interest) WS2 A3 (DOC 79.5 KB) A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)     
Withdrawal of Caveat WX W1 (DOC 76.5 KB)W1 (PDF 534.5 KB)     
Withdrawal of Registrar-General’s Caveat WXX WXX (DOC 73.0 KB)WXX (PDF 513.6 KB)    
Withdrawal/Satisfaction of Lien WL W2 (DOC 82.0 KB)W2 (PDF 533.1 KB)
Withdrawal/Satisfaction of Warrant WW A3 (DOC 79.5 KB)A3 (PDF 545.0 KB)

Division Forms

Division forms cater for division type dealings and additional consent forms.

Division Application Checklist

Document TypePrefixEditable FormAdditional Consent FormsGuidance Notes
Application to Amend Articles AA B2 (DOC 77.0 KB) NA AA (B2) (PDF 584.9 KB)
Amendment of a Strata Plan AP A7 (DOC 75.5 KB)      AP Consent (DOC 41.0 KB) AP (PDF 560.8 KB)
Amalgamation of Strata Plans SM A8 (DOC 77.5 KB)SM Consent (DOC 38.5 KB) SM (PDF 564.3 KB)      
Deposit a plan of community division ACT ACT  (DOC 116.5 KB)     ACT Consent (DOC 42.5 KB)      ACT (PDF 630.8 KB)     
Amendment to Lot Entitlements AP2CP AP2CP (DOC 70.5 KB) AP2CP Consent (DOC 37.5 KB)AP2CP (PDF 604.8 KB)
Amendment to Unit Entitlements AP2SP AP2SP (DOC 67.5 KB)AP2SP Consent (DOC 37.5 KB) AP2SP (PDF 586.0 KB)
Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan AP3 AP3 (DOC 85.5 KB) AP3 Consent (DOC 43.0 KB)AP3 (PDF 584.9 KB)   
Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan pursuant to development contract AP4 AP4 (DOC 84.0 KB)      AP4 Consent (DOC 43.0 KB)AP4 (PDF 575.5 KB)     
Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan by adding or removing land AP5 AP5 (DOC 88.5 KB)AP5 Consent (DOC 42.0 KB)AP5 (PDF 578.9 KB)     
Amendment of a Deposited Strata Plan by adding or removing land AP6 AP6 (DOC 87.5 KB)AP6 Consent (DOC 41.5 KB)AP6 (PDF 581.2 KB)
Cancellation of a Strata Plan CS1 CS1 (DOC 78.5 KB)CS1 Consent (DOC 40.5 KB)      CS1 (PDF 585.9 KB)    
Cancellation of a Community Plan CS2 CS2 (DOC 85.5 KB)CS2 Consent (DOC 43.0 KB)CS2 (PDF 339.2 KB)
Lodgement for Filing By-law/Scheme Description/Development Contract LF1 LF1 (DOC 53.0 KB) None LF1 (PDF 558.5 KB)
Lodgement for Filing of Variation/Amendment of By-laws/Scheme Description/Development Contract LF2 LF2 (DOC 56.0 KB)      None LF2 (PDF 605.2 KB)     
Lodgement of Resolution LR LR (DOC 59.0 KB)     None LR (PDF 498.4 KB)
Amalgamation of Allotments RTA RTA (DOC 35.5 KB)RTA Consent (DOC 42.5 KB)RTA (PDF 567.9 KB)
Deposit of a Plan of Division RTC RTC  (DOC 92.5 KB)     RTC Consent (PDF 966.0 KB)      RTC (PDF 562.3 KB)     
Deposit of a Plan of Division not lodged under Part 19AB of the RPA RTD RTD (DOC 51.0 KB)      None RTD (PDF 530.4 KB)
Deposit of a Plan of Division RTU RTU (DOC 77.5 KB)RTU Consent (DOC 39.0 KB)RTU (PDF 583.2 KB)    
Amalgamation of Community Plans SM2 SM2 (DOC 59.0 KB)SM2 Consent (DOC 39.0 KB)      SM2 (PDF 570.0 KB)
Grant of Easement TG TG (DOC 82.0 KB)     TG Consent (DOC 41.0 KB)TG (PDF 593.6 KB)
Extinguishment/Variation of Easement VE VE (DOC 102.0 KB)      VE Consent  (DOC 44.5 KB)     VE (PDF 553.9 KB)   
Lot Entitlement Sheet (DOC 35.5 KB)  None None None Lot Entitlement Sheet Guide (PDF 591.3 KB)
Unit Entitlement Sheet (DOC 35.0 KB) None None None Unit Entitlement Sheet Guide  (PDF 571.3 KB)
223J Applications RT B2 (DOC 77.0 KB)  223J (PDF 286.4 KB)