Data Solutions

There are near infinite opportunities to leverage Land Services SA's data. Over our eight, different datasets we can build a detailed picture of the state through inputs received in real-time from every transaction, development, and property investment in South Australia. Informed by every conceivable aspect of our built environment from the sale date, type and price of house, through to site area and roof type, Land Services SA has the data to drive better decisions and smart business operations.

"Our data is derived from activity. Turn the below numbers into qualified leads and optimise your organisation's performance by working with Land Services SA to dig into the trends and patterns within." Mark Burns, Account Manager.

With our data the opportunities for development and growth are endless- such as leveraging  our data for performance reporting , investment proposals, mining projects, cost-benefit analysis, research and in the preparation of legal documents.

To learn more about how Land Services SA works collaboratively with our clients to address business needs and create customised solutions to empower data-driven decisions, download a copy of the Data Catalogue today.

Contact Land Services SA at [email protected] or  08 8423 5094 to discuss your data requirements directly.