Priority Notices

A Priority Notice is a notice which is lodged against a Certificate of Title or Crown Lease to reserve priority for a pending transaction that will affect that land.

Priority Notices:

  • reserve priority for the transaction set out in the priority notice
  • notify parties searching the title that the transaction is pending
  • assist in fraud prevention, as notification of pending transactions will increase the likelihood of a fraud being detected
  • improve the accuracy of title searches currently, no record of a conveyance appears on the Certificate of Title until the relevant dealings have been data entered

Who can lodge a Priority Notice

Priority Notices are not mandatory, and they can be lodged by any person who intends to lodge a dealing, or dealings with Land Services SA.

In most cases, Priority Notices are lodged on behalf of a party to a conveyancing transaction by a legal practitioner or conveyancer through the South Australian Integrated Land Information System (SAILIS) or relevant Electronic Lodgment Network Operator.

Period of Effectiveness

Priority Notices are effective for 60 calendar days from the date of lodgement, with an option to extend a Priority Notice (once only) for a further period of 30 calendar days.

For more information on Priority Notices – see the Registrar-General’s Notice to Lodging Parties #177 on the Introduction of Priority Notices.