Details presented on the DCDB which define the current subdivisional pattern of a locality on the ground.

Capital value

The value of a parcel of land including improvements.


The instrument by which a person who claims an equitable estate or interest in land may prevent the registration of any dealing with the land or a registered interest in the land - eg a caveat may be lodged against the registered proprietor of land, or the mortgagee of a registered mortgage, or the lessee of a registered lease.


The person against whom the caveat has been lodged. Normally, the caveatee will be the registered proprietor of land or of a mortgage or lease over which the caveat has been lodged.


The person lodging a caveat.

Certificate of Title (CT)

See title reference.

Child Title

A new title that has issued from a cancelled Parent Title.

Common Property

Land in a community title or strata title scheme which is defined on the relevant community plan or strata plan and for which a certificate of title is issued in the name of the community corporation or strata corporation.

Community Plan

See plan type.

Community Title

See title reference.


Information that affects the land and requires further investigation.


In conveyancing terms, the word is generally used to refer to the reason or explanation for the transfer of land. Typically, it is an amount of money paid by the transferee to the transferor, but it may refer to some less tangible factor, such as the natural love and affection the transferor bears towards the transferee.


A registered conveyancer is a licensed person qualified to advise and prepare documentation pertaining to property transactions.


The process by which the ownership to an interest in land is transferred, or conveyed, from one person to another.

Crown Land

Generally, land owned by the Crown (including unalienated Crown land and land that is subject to a Crown lease).

Crown land has a more restrictive meaning under the Crown Lands Act 1929. For the purpose of that act, Crown land does not include land that has been dedicated for a public purpose, or which is subject to a Crown lease or agreement to purchase.

Crown Lands Act

The statute which provides for the administration of Crown land in South Australia.

Crown Lease (CL)

See title reference.

Crown Record (CR)

See title reference.