Fee Simple

The most common freehold estate granted by the Crown. An estate in fee simple is the greatest estate in land and is for practical purposes the equivalent to absolute ownership. Note, however, that in Australia, no person other than the Crown can 'own' land absolutely.

Field Book

Field books are old Lands Department records. These are filed in a storeroom adjacent to the survey examination section. They can be viewed on request at the plan lodgement counter. The Land Services Group holds an index book listing the date issued and the surveyor that the book was issued to.

Filed Plan

See plan type.

Free and Unrestricted Right of Way

A specific right of way as set out in section 89 and schedule 5 of the Real Property Act 1886.

Fruit Lien

A security interest - eg a form of mortgage, granted over a fruit crop under the liens on Fruit Act 1923. Fruit liens are registered in the GRO. See lienor and lienee.