Parent Title

A cancelled title from which new child titles have issued.

Parliamentary Plan

These are mostly proposal plans prepared for parliament. Only plan 313 is available on SAILIS.

Part 7A Application

These are applications based upon the doctrine of adverse possession made in pursuance of Part 7A of the Real Property Act for title to land (held under the provisions of the Real Property Act).


The Property Exchange System that provides for the national electronic lodgement and settlement of conveyancing transactions.

Plan Type

  • community plan (C) - a plan of community division, dividing land into lots and common property under the Community Titles Act
  • deposited plan (D) - a plan deposited in the LTO, including plans of amalgamation and division and plans lodged under the Roads Opening and Closing Act 1991 and the Crown Lands Act 1929
  • filed plan (F) - plan filed in the LTO - eg plan for easement purposes
  • GRO plan (G) - old subdivisions lodged in the 1800's over NUA land or plans for leasing purposes
  • hundred plan (H) - plans depicting the original subdivisions of the state
  • out of hundred plans (H) - plans depicting the original subdivisions of the state not within hundreds
  • road plan (R) - plans lodged with the Lands Titles Office depicting roads opening and closings pursuant to the Roads opening and Closing Act 1991
  • strata plan (S) - a plan dividing land into units and common property under the Strata Titles Act 1988.
  • town plans (T) - plans depicting the original subdivision of a government town


These are a set of rolled maps at non-metric scales that record surveys in areas where the original division of land was done prior to the Real Property Act. Images of plots are available from SAILIS.

PM Tracing

These are plans showing changes to permanent survey marks (PSM's). Images of these plans are available through SAILIS.

Power of Attorney (PA)

The formal authority conferred by a deed on one person (the donee or attorney) by another (the donor or principal) which enables the former person to act for the latter. See also enduring power of attorney.

Priority Notice

An administrative notice that is lodged with the Lands Titles Office to preserve priority for a dealing that is intended to be lodged.

Profit a'prendre

The Forest Property Act 2000 also amended the Real Property Act 1886 to allow for the registration of profits a'prendre by inserting the definition of easement includes a 'profits a'prendre'.

Profits a'prendre (profit) can now be created, varied and extinguished in the same way as an easement. A profit can be created either appurtenant to land in a certificate of title or a Crown lease, or in gross.

The notation of a profit will appear on a certificate of title under the heading of easements. If a certificate of title is to issue for the profit created, the heading and land description will also include the words PROFIT A'PRENDRE.

A profit can be lodged over the whole or portion of the land in a certificate of title or Crown lease. If lodged over a portion, a plan must be lodged and be either filed or deposited by the Registrar-General in the Lands Titles Office identifying the land the subject of the profit.

A profit can be extinguished as per any easement but may also be determined by the passage of time or the occurrence of circumstances specified in the grant.

Notice of a time frame, or of a certain occurrence, that will terminate the profit, will appear in the dominant and servient clauses for the profits and on any easement (profit) in gross title.

Unlike a lease with a certain time frame, these clauses or easement in gross titles will not automatically be deleted or cancelled once that time frame has passed. These will be deleted when a new certificate of title is to issue or an application to terminate is received.

Property Interest Report (PIR)

The property interest report is a unique one-stop-shop service, giving clients information about various State Government interests for all properties in South Australia. This information, along with details of interests delivered directly from state government agencies, is used to complete the required Form 1 given to purchasers of real estate prior to property settlement.

The Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994 and regulations are set in place to provide consumer protection for those purchasing property in South Australia. Section 7 of the act identifies the requirement for a statement of government interests to be served by a vendor or their agent, on a purchaser prior to settlement in the required Form 1.

The property interest report comprises the following items:

  • report listing the necessary particulars to assist with the completion of Form 1 for the sale of a property
  • title and valuation details and a check search providing details on any registered or unregistered dealings lodged within the previous 90 days
  • a copy of the certificate of title
  • a land tax certificate
  • emergency services levy certificate
  • SA Water certificate

the property interest report can be ordered using SAILIS or from Land Services, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. A property interest report refresh is also available that provides an instant update to confirm any changes to the original property interest report within 90 days of the initial request.


The owner of an estate or interest in land. See also registered proprietor.

PSM Locality Plan

These contain sketches, originally done on A5 cards showing the location of permanent survey marks (PSM's). These are supplied to help locate marks and contain no survey data. Images of these plans are available through SAILIS.